Instructions for writing your recovery seed


Have you purchased our product to preserve your seed and you don't know how to engrave it or can't decide if engraving on a steel plate is the right solution? Don't despair, we decided to write a short guide for you on how to safely and flawlessly transfer your seed to the plate. Below you will find detailed instructions with photos on how to handle the engraving pencil and steel plate. Instructions: It is very important that you make sure that you are alone in a safe place, preferably at home.

1) Inserting batteries into the engraving pencil:
Remove the cover by looking into the lower white part of the pen, where it is marked (close - open). Hold the black part of the pencil firmly in one hand and slowly twist the white part in the desired direction (open) while gently pushing the parts apart. We then insert two "AA" type batteries with the + side up into the white part and fix both parts in the same way with the only difference, this time we push both parts gently together and close them in the direction of the marking (close).

2) We recommend that you first try engraving on the edge of the plate or in another material, you will find out how the pencil behaves during engraving. In this way, you will easily become familiar with how the engraving pencil works.

3) The steel plate has a mirror surface, which guarantees excellent visibility of your seed. For greater readability, and for your certainty that the words will fit into the individual boxes, we can recommend from our own experience to first write the words with a marker and then engrave them.

4) On the front side of the board there is a table with 24 numbered fields. Whether you divide the seed into several plates or use one is up to you. To start the pencil, press the white button in the black part and hold it for the duration of the engraving. You put the tip of the nib to the surface of the plate and start writing as if you were writing with a pen. Do not press too hard on the plate , it is really enough if the tip of the pencil just slides on the surface.

What to do if the engraving pencil does not work?
First of all, check that you have inserted the batteries well and that the two parts (black and white) fit together and are well attached.
I přes to, že před odesláním jednotlivé produkty pečlivě kontrolujeme, může se stát, že vlivem otřesů způsobených přepravou přestane fungovat. V případě, že jste obdrželi nefunkční gravírovací tužku, prosíme, neváhejte nás kontaktovat a společně se domluvíme na dalším postupu.

Detailed instructions can be found here: Návod-CZ-SK-EN-DE-HU

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

If you are looking for a tutorial on the grid version, click here. zde.


The GRID version with an automatic punch is the ideal choice for writing the seed without the need to "write" words. The plate has a pre-printed chart into which you make holes using an automatic hole puncher. 

And where exactly to aim with the punch? The plate has a horizontal line with the numbers 1-12 on the first side and 13-24 on the second side, these horizontal lines indicate the order of the desired word of your seed. Each word is assigned 4 vertical sub-lines with a pre-printed alphabet. So if you want to write your first word, for example APPLE (see the picture below), you make the first hole in the first box in sub-row A. Find the letter P and move one vertical sub-row further. We continue like this until the letter L.

Why are there only 4 letters? All "seed" words in the BIP39 standard are unique and none of them start with the same 4 letters. That's why only 4 are enough, your hardware or software wallet will complete the word after writing 4 letters.

The operation of the automatic puncher is very simple, hold the puncher vertically above the required square with the tip and press it down with the palm of your hand, after releasing the force, the puncher will release and mark a deep dot in the plate.

For maximum life and readability of the seed, we recommend repeatedly deepening the dot so that it is as deep as possible. 


And ensure the best security for your cryptocurrencies!

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