What is the use of "Shamir backup" from Trezor?

Our E-shop Recoveryseed.cz also introduced the so-called Shamir edition. And what exactly is it about? Shamir backup is a security method that allows you to divide your seed for a safe or other cryptocurrency into several parts. Of course, an ordinary seed is enough for recovery, but as soon as you lose this seed, forget the order, or simply get destroyed, you can lose access to your crypto-wallet, and therefore also to your stored funds. The advantage of Shamir backup is that you can divide your "master" seed into 3 to 16 plates , which you can then hide in several places or entrust some parts to close people you trust

The user can choose how many parts his "master" seed is divided into and how many of these parts are needed for its recovery. If you lose a part, nothing happens, because you can use the others to restore. This more sophisticated method of seed security is particularly useful in the case of probate.

Access to your private keys will not only be one close person who owns your seed, but several. These people would then have to agree together and connect.

Another useful example is when you have a lot of cryptocurrencies and you simply don't want to have access only to you in one place, if someone were to blackmail you, the person in question would have to blackmail X other people as well.

Example: You choose that you want to split your master seed into 6 parts, then you choose that you need at least 3 of these parts to restore it. If you lose one to three parts or someone steals them, you can restore your wallet from the remaining three parts.

Shamir backup was invented by the Israeli cryptographer Adih Shamir and was the first to be implemented in its hardware wallets by the Czech company Satoshilabs - for their TREZOR T model .

The Shamir edition is discounted compared to other products in our offer. It contains 4 completely identical steel plates (of course you can choose a combination of up to 16 plates) with a mirror surface, 24 squares and also an engraving pencil, with which you also get a spare tip - one is rounded and the other pointed, you can choose what you like it will engrave better.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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And ensure the best security for your cryptocurrencies!

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