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Our steel plates have successfully passed many tests.
Fire, water, damage, etc.

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Water and corrosion resistant


The stainless-steel plate is resistant to temperatures up to 1510 °C


Almost indestructible material made of quality stainless steel.


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0 mm


For maximum durability of the material, whatever it encounters!

0 cm


Optimal for trouble-free typing of words of any length or for storing the BIP39 password.

0 cm


Guarantees sufficient line width.


Number of words

You will get exactly that many words on one board from



If you do not find your question, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer.


The difference between our standard plates and GRID plates is in the form of your seed entries.

With the standard version you engrave whole words, with the grid version you only mark the letters and their order in a pre-printed grid table.

The Standard plate is nice to look at and has an elaborate bitcoin logo on the front, writing is quick and easy.

Grid Grid has only a grid on both sides, without any logo or text, so at first glance it is not clear what it is for.

We have newly launched this service for you in the "Customized products" tab, where you can choose your own text or logo.

We've tried many methods - punching the letters, punching and more. But of all the writing methods, the engraving pencil is the fastest, the prettiest, and the clearest.

Our plates can also be purchased without an engraving pen if you prefer to write with, for example, stamps. Punching letters with a hammer is not always suitable in an apartment or house without a workshop. According to our tests, the engraving pen has similar results to embossing with punches. Just use adequate engraving pressure, it is also important to re-wrap the letters or markings.

We tested heat resistance HERE

Corrosion resistance – In preparation (The plate has been in a salt aquarium for a year, no changes yet)

Resistance to mechanical damage HERE

If you expect extreme cases such as the loss or theft of the plate, intentional defacement of the plate, gas explosion, extreme mechanical damage, long-term heat above 1500 ° , etc. and you are looking for the highest degree of protection for your seed, we recommend only storing it using the SHAMIR edition in multiple places.

No products, whether from us or other companies, will ever guarantee you complete safety. Except for one exception, and that is Shamir backup. shamir backup.

There are situations from which even our plate will not protect you. For example, loss or theft of the plate, intentional deterioration of the plate, gas explosion, extreme mechanical damage, heat above 1500 ° , etc.° apod.

However, this does not apply to SHAMIR BACKUP from the TREZOR company, where you divide the seed into several parts and divide these parts geographically. The seed can be divided into up to 16 parts, and you can choose how many of these parts you need to regain access to your private keys.

More about Shamir backup on our blog -

On the back of the plate's mirror surface, you will find the bitcoin logo and the inscription  


If you are not satisfied with our plate, you can return it within 14 days of receiving the order without giving a reason and we will refund your money.


We guarantee the first-class quality of our products. We check each plate and engraving pencil before shipping, but it may happen that we send a defective piece. Therefore, if the buyer proves a manufacturing defect in the ordered goods, we will refund the money or exchange the goods.

Yes, it supports payments with the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dai and Usdcoin.

Discreet shipping means that we send shipments in unmarked packages - so no one knows what's inside.

We ship goods that we have in stock on the next working day at the latest. After handing over to the carrier, you will receive the package within 3 days.


The best seed backup for your cryptocurrencies!

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