Stress Tests

What can our recovery seed cards handle? Watch the in-depth testing videos.

Noneproducts, whether from us or other companies, will never guarantee you complete safety against such situations as, for example, the complete burning and destruction of a building where some chemicals are still best found. If the plate heats up close to 1500° and then a building or roof falls on it, no solution on the market will save you from this situation. However, this does not apply to TREZOR's SHAMIR BACKUP, where you divide your seeds into several places and thus prevent the destruction of all access to your wallet. Our plates can also be purchased without an engraving pen if you prefer, for example, an inscription by embossing letters, which you can do yourself. Unfortunately, stamping with a hammer is not always suitable in an apartment or house without a workshop. The engraving pen can replace it perfectly and write the seed on the steel plate in such a way that it solves the most common types of damage.