What is the best way to preserve your crypto seed?

Why store seed on a recovery seed steel plate? You may think that you can write down your seed on a piece of paper and keep it in a drawer, or you can create a password-protected file on your computer where you will have the seed stored. But is it really safe? We dealt with this in more detail in the article below.

You all know that the seed is used to restore access to your cryptocurrency wallet. However, once you lose it, you lose access to your private keys. So it's abundantly clear that you have to be very careful with it and you can't afford to lose it or lose it in any way.

And where should you write your seed so you don't lose it?

Paper - burns well, absorbs air moisture, gets wet quickly. It becomes unreadable over time. Even if you hide the paper with the seed well, a flood and a fire will always find it.

Computer/phone - certainly have many advantages, one of them is that you always have the seed with you if needed. However, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Mobile phones or computers are still connected to the Internet, and therefore they are at risk of potential danger. Yes, you can have the seed written on a device that will not be connected to the Internet, but even this solution carries some risk of corruption. Therefore, we do not recommend a computer or phone for seed recording.

Classic SSD and HDD disks or USB flash drives lose data over time if they are not connected to a power source.

Memorization - we also do not recommend it, it may happen that you simply forget the seed, or there is a head injury, and no one will restore access.


Finally, what about the recovery seed steel plate?

We offer a solution where you engrave your recovery seed using an engraving pencil on a steel plate. This solution is almost indestructible. The plate is not subject to corrosion, it is resistant to high temperature, water and chemicals. Your only problem will be figuring out where to store the board.


We have some tips for you

  • Using the holes in the corners, you can, for example, screw the plates into a beam in the attic, into a hidden part of the furniture, or into the chimney insert.
  • Hiding in a safe or in a safe deposit box in a bank.
  • Burying in the dirt? It is possible, but then it is difficult to find. And also watch out for searchers with metal detectors 🙂

There are no limits to imagination, the more original the hiding place, the better.


And ensure the best security for your cryptocurrencies!

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